What Happened to Jess Greenberg? And how much do YouTubers make?

So what ever happened to the gorgeous young lady who did all those guitar covers on YouTube? As a youtuber myself (my channel), I like to keep up on things. I often wonder what happened to certain youtubers of the past. I thought I’d try to bring up some interesting info. Who really knows where she is, we can only speculate and read Reddit and Google articles. Everyone seems to think they know something.

The Basics

Jess was an overnight success and a YouTube sensation with millions of subscribers and video views to boot. Her channel is JessGreenberg1 and looks to currently have about 1.5 million subscribers. It looks like she hasn’t posted any videos for over 5 years except for a video that was posted 6 months ago, and to be honest it looks like a video from the same time period as her other videos, so I doubt it was a recent creation. I wonder if she even owns and manages her channel anymore.

The Claims

A lot of people had talked about some disappearance theories, like she fell off a boat, or was abducted or something like that. I personally don’t believe that stuff. I think she walked away from YouTube for a real job. I think some people had found a Linkedin profile that is apparently hers and she has a job job now.

Her Popularity and Income

So here’s my beef with her walking away and my hunch that maybe there could be more to the story. Social Blade is a site where you can track statistics for youtubers and even projected income range for them. If you look at her current social blade stats and income, you can see that on the top end, her monthly income is claimed to be $2.6k a month. Now I know that’s not crazy huge big money, but c’mon, for doing covers once in a while as a total part time thing, $2.6k a month is pretty freaking awesome. Even if I had a job that paid 6 figures I would still do YouTube as a side part time thing at that rate. Also, since her channel has been inactive for over 5 years, that $2.6k a month could be a lot higher if she was actively creating content, and probably was higher than that at her peak.


Is it possible that she really just didn’t want to do youtube anymore and make money that way? Yes. It’s possible. But at the same time I find it hard to believe that she would walk away from all that extra income even if it’s “only” a couple thousand a month. Most youtubers would kill to make that much a month. Here’s the thing, even as it stands now her channel is still bringing that much in! Crazy. Maybe she wanted to just put in the work up front, enjoy the residuals, and never do it again. If that’s the case, she did it the right way. Make a bunch of content up front and then let it ride for as long as possible. Who knows, maybe she will start making content again at some point.

In Conclusion

I guess it just frustrates me as a youtuber to watch someone walk away when they are doing so well at it. I know how hard it is to make any money on there at all let alone a couple thousand a month. I know some creators who are workhorses putting out multiple videos a day and can’t even get the 1000 subscribers needed to monetize their content. She has 75 videos on her channel total and is still killing it. I have currently 315 videos on my channel and I’m not killing it. Lol. I do alright for what my niche is, but I’m just saying, it’s not easy, and it’s tough to see someone treat it so lightly. But that’s just my humble opinion. It just makes you wonder what happened in their life that would cause them to walk away, most likely a better opportunity I think.

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