The Woo: How Roddy Ricch is Bringing Back Guitar – With Lesson!

This is my second blog post talking about Roddy Ricch. Check my other post here. In my opinion he has the best guitar lines in rap currently. The Woo has a really sick intro guitar line. Guitar is an instrument that goes through phases in music production. One decade it’s everyone’s favorite instrument and the next you’re lucky to hear it on a track. I think as of right now in mainstream pop we are in a phase where guitar is usually a background instrument most of the time. Until you put on a Roddy Ricch track. Then you can hear it plays a more prominent role. Rockstar is a good example of this as well as The Woo. Below is my guitar lesson for The Woo by Pop Smoke ft. 50 Cent and Roddy Ricch. Check it out!

My guitar but a little nicer!

My favorite strings!

My capo!

Roddy Ricch Style Guitar Riffs are Viral!

I’ve been playing guitar for about 28 years now. It’s been a source of creativity for me my whole life. It’s crazy when you can say you’ve been playing an instrument for a majority of your life. I say all this to validate my opinion that Roddy Ricch style riffs are fun to play and sound cool too. Matter of fact I always make a point to add a Roddy Ricch lesson to my YouTube Channel when a new song comes out.

When Rockstar by DaBaby and Roddy Ricch came out I decided to make a guitar lesson for the song. I had no idea the lesson would grow at the rate it did. I’m no big time youtuber, yet, but the video showed amazing growth for my channel. It’s currently the fastest growing video that I have ever made on my channel.

When I made the lesson I checked out a couple other lessons on YouTube and to be honest I thought they seemed pretty accurate, but I wanted to put in the extra time to try and figure out an easy way to play it. I ended up putting the capo way up on my 9th fret and with that I was able to emulate what I was hearing. Maybe I was right with the capo, maybe I was wrong, but the lesson definitely got a ton of views.

Take the lesson and let me know how it goes!

My affordable capo choice. I’ve got one just like it.

My Main Capo. This is the best capo in my opinion.

My go-to strings!