Morgan Wallen Got Canceled Twice – But His Record Sales Are Way Up – Cancel Culture

Recently Morgan Wallen’s neighbor, who is apparently also his secret videographer, was taking some stealthy video from across the street of Morgan on his driveway. I always like when my neighbor does that. It’s not weird at all. I guess they caught him partying and saying some stupid stuff he probably shouldn’t have said. Lord knows I’ve said some really stupid things back in the day when I was having a few. Does that make it ok? No. But, we’re all human and we’ve all said things we regret saying. Apparently the statement was directed at his buddy in a joking manner as well. Again, I’m not saying that makes it ok, but we’ve all said stupid things, especially to our friends after drinks. I have to say again, I just think it’s super weird that this neighbor is apparently taking video of Morgan as he comes and goes? Wow.

I’m really not a fan of this cancel culture we live in. Anybody with a phone can take a video of you, not in your best moment, and you get canceled? Apparently there is another video of him partying in Tuscaloosa without a mask, so he lost his SNL appearance. I will never understand the power trip of cancel culture. And you know it’s hypocritical. Why didn’t Newsom get canceled when he had Thanksgiving Dinner with a bunch of people? That’s just one example, but I digress. If you’re a fan of cancel culture and cheer it on, it will one day come for you too.

So they make an example out of him, and cancel him twice. According to Billboard his airplay diminished by 70%. That’s rough. But, his record sales went up by 339%. That means that he is actually making more money now. I’m sure he gets a bigger piece of record sales than streaming or airplay. Although I know from experience that record companies can be slimy and do slimy things to artists, so I really hope that he gets compensated and they don’t try to pull some stupid legal thing and keep his money. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try.

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