Is E Major 9 the John Mayer Chord? Leray – Trippie Redd – Guitar lesson

Naming Chords After Musicians

It would be pretty cool to have a chord named after yourself as a guitarist. But at the same time I’m just not narcissistic enough to really care. But we do associate chords with certain musicians. Take for example the E7#9 chord (07678x). Some people call it the Jimi Hendrix chord. I think cause it’s the main chord voicing from Purple Haze.

The Beginning of the Emaj9 Club

In the early 2000s John Mayer burst onto the scene. He had all the sweet Major 7 voicings and added a little Jazz into the Pop Rock Acoustic world. I was a budding musician at the time and I fancied myself a Singer Songwriter, so naturally I gravitated towards the John Mayer sound. Experimenting with Jazz chords and songwriting. So did thousands of other musicians. The Major 7 and 9 chords were overused during that period, and I would venture to say they are still a bit overused, but that’s just my humble opinion, and also a compliment to John because he made a Jazz believer out of many musicians at that time and created a lasting effect on guitarists and songwriters. I believe one of the most important things a musician can do is learn to appreciate all styles.

How to Play the Emaj9

Anyway! Back to the E Major 9 chord and Leray – Trippie Redd. The Emaj9 (076870) can be played a few different ways as all chords can. It’s the chord you can hear all over “Room for Squares”. I have simplified it in the guitar lesson below. It’s an easy way to play it with just 2 fingers rather than 4. You can hear me almost upset that I have to teach a major 9 chord haha. Sorry. I guess I was in a bad mood as I say “it doesn’t really matter” after referencing the Emaj9 chord. Oh, but it does matter, Luthdrix! You just wrote a whole article about this amazing sounding chord, even if it is a bit overused. Go ahead and give this lesson a try. If nothing else you will learn the Emaj9 and become part of the Emaj9 Club. The first rule about Emaj9 Club is you don’t talk about Emaj9 Club. Just play the chord and wow your friends.

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