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With over 20+ years teaching experience, Daniel Luthjohn is a Professional Guitarist hailing from Boulder, Colorado. From the early 2000’s he performed as Lead Guitarist for Bobby Yang, a touring Celebrity Events Band, playing for names like Kevin Costner, Bruce Willis, Antonio Banderes, Kurt Russell and many more. Daniel has toured almost every major city in the Continental U.S. as well as Hawaii and Mexico. Daniel’s online presence is strong with a YouTube channel (Luthdrix) boasting over 30,000 subscribers. Daniel currently performs as a Guitarist in various groups around the Colorado Front Range and owns a Recording and Lessons Studio in Longmont, Colorado, where he teaches Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, and Voice as well as records and produces music. Please visit the lessons page for contact or send an email to

How To Play “Stay” Kid Laroi, Justin Bieber (w/tabs)

I’ve been getting a lot of traction on this lesson on my YouTube Channel as well as a lot of people asking for the tabs. Below is the lesson as well as tabs. Hope this helps!

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Is Kid Laroi Awesome?

Yes. He is. I’ve been making guitar lessons for a lot of his songs for a while now. The latest is “Lonely and Fucked Up”. It has a great acoustic guitar riff in the intro and also a nice strumming section as well. Below is my guitar lesson. Check it out and let me know how it goes.

The Kid Laroi “Lonely and Fucked Up” Guitar Tutorial

How To Play Beggin’ by Måneskin on Guitar – 3 Options

I know, I know, this is not originally by Måneskin, but these lessons are based off of their version. A lot of people think it’s a Madcon song. It’s not. Matter of fact it was written by Peggy Farino who was know for the song “My Boyfriend’s Back” (and you’re gonna be in trouble), and one of the dudes from The Four Seasons. Anyway I love the Måneskin version and have done several lessons for the song on YouTube. Below are all the lessons I have made for this song. Enjoy!

My most popular lesson for Beggin’. vvvv

My most accurate lesson for Beggin’. vvvv

And of course the easiest way to play Beggin’. vvvv

Good 4 u Olivia Rodrigo Guitar Lesson

When I heard this tune a few weeks back I knew that I had to make a guitar lesson for the song. It’s got a great rock vibe to it. I used my Fender Strat and I ran it into Logic with Guitar Rig. I think I used a basic Marshall or Plexi setting. Below is the lesson. Let me know how it goes!

Måneskin – Zitti E Buoni – Guitar Lesson

I recently heard of a band called Måneskin out of Rome. I hadn’t heard any of their songs yet so I went to the interwebs to check them out, and I was not disappointed. There are many things in this life that I don’t know anything about, but Blues and Rock style guitar I know a fair amount. With that being said I think Måneskin does it right. I can’t tell you how glad I was to hear a Blues Rock band playing in that dynamic style of all the greats. And they have success doing it! All the better. Below is my lesson for Zitte E Buoni which I believe roughly translates to “shut up and listen”. It’s a fun track to shut up an listen to and to play. Let me know how the lesson goes for you. If you have a lesson request or you are interested in Virtual Lessons click here.

Bicycle RM BTS Guitar Lesson

I’ll be honest, I don’t know a ton about BTS, but I recently did another blog post about them here about their tune “Butter”. They have a fun sound and I can hear the appeal. Rap Monster or RM is the leader of the group and writer of the track Bicycle. The guitar work in the track is great and I thought I would make a lesson for the song. Below is that lesson. Let me know how it goes!