How To Play Jubilee Line by Wilbur Soot – Easy Guitar Lesson with Standard Tuning

I may be late to the game on this lesson but I always get a kick out of Wilbur Soot songs, so here it is. I think almost every Wilbur Soot song has an alternate tuning. Which is totally cool and gives the song a unique sound, but it makes it tougher on beginners to be detuning their instrument. So here below I have made a lesson for Jubilee Line in Standard Tuning for all you Wilbur fans out there. Let me know how it goes! Also visit my lessons page if you want to take virtual lessons from me. Like my guitar? View my gear list here.

Internet Ruined Me – The Genius of Wilbur Soot Songs

I think I showed up late to the game as far as hearing about Wilbur Soot. I teach guitar lessons online so naturally I got a few requests from subscribers on my channel. Then I decided ok, I’ll do a lesson for his song “Your New Boyfriend“. I checked the song out and thought it was a hilarious take on the challenges of a young man trying to make any sense of the modern dating world. That lesson did well, check it out here. Due to the popularity of the lesson I followed it up with another hit from Wilbur called “I’m in Love with and E Girl“. Still the demand for Wilbur Soot lessons on my channel keep coming in. I just did a lesson for “Internet Ruined Me”. I’ll post the lesson below.

What I love about his songs is the transparency, complete honesty, and of course the humor. I would say that his songs are actually difficult to play for absolute beginners because they do involve some more advanced techniques. Barre chords, alternate tuning, unique non-traditional lines. He’s got a lot going on in these seemingly simple songs. As they say, it takes a lot of work to make it sound that simple.

Below is the guitar I used for this video.

The Absolute Best Guitar for Beginners

When it comes to playing the guitar I have been around the block. Literally. When I was 13 I used to go across the street and learn guitar from my friend George. His Dad was this insanely good musician from Guatemala, so he would teach George and George me. Then I took my skills down the street and learned a few Nirvana tunes and started a band. Our name was Rubber Chicken. We played at my friend Mike’s all the time and probably drove his mom crazy.

So what kind of guitar did I play? A Fender? No. A Les Paul? No. It was a Yamaha Classical guitar. Of all things I ended up with a Yamaha. And I’m glad I did because even today I still suggest beginners get a Yamaha guitar. Why? Because they just make good quality affordable stuff. The Classical I have is probably over 50 years old at this point and it still plays just fine. Now here’s where you need to make a choice. I happened to have a Classical guitar which has nylon strings. Most people opt for a Steel String guitar. Both Classical and Steel String guitars are considered acoustic guitars. The Classical Guitar is a bit easier to play as a beginner because of the nylon strings and the fact that there is a little more spacing between the strings as well, making it easier to visualize chords and put your fingers where they need to go. Also, with the classical, if you lose all of your picks, which usually happens a lot as a beginner, you can strum with your finger. Here is a Yamaha Classical I would suggest but there are other options too.

A good Beginners Classical (Yamaha CG122MSH Nylon Sting)

Steel String is your more traditional “cowboy style guitar” that you would see many famous artists playing. It’s more associated with Rock n Roll as well. I would go with this model.

A good Beginners Steel String (Yamaha FG 800)

Final Thoughts

When choosing your guitar you may also want to consider a 3/4 scale guitar if you are under the age of 11. 3/4 scale is available in similar models as you see above. The main thing is to get a relatively good quality instrument, otherwise you may get stuck with something that is extra hard to play and that can be a game over for many beginners. The last thing you want to do is struggle with a crappy guitar. That’s why I suggest getting a Yamaha. They’ve been at it a long time and have good quality control on their instruments. You don’t have to get these exact models I have suggested here but it is a place to start. Honorable mentions for other brands would be Ibanez and Fender. And most of all, have fun playing! Get creative and do the best you can with whatever you have.

The Woo: How Roddy Ricch is Bringing Back Guitar – With Lesson!

This is my second blog post talking about Roddy Ricch. Check my other post here. In my opinion he has the best guitar lines in rap currently. The Woo has a really sick intro guitar line. Guitar is an instrument that goes through phases in music production. One decade it’s everyone’s favorite instrument and the next you’re lucky to hear it on a track. I think as of right now in mainstream pop we are in a phase where guitar is usually a background instrument most of the time. Until you put on a Roddy Ricch track. Then you can hear it plays a more prominent role. Rockstar is a good example of this as well as The Woo. Below is my guitar lesson for The Woo by Pop Smoke ft. 50 Cent and Roddy Ricch. Check it out!

My guitar but a little nicer!

My favorite strings!

My capo!

Viral TikTok Guitar Lesson “Drivers License” by Olivia Rodrigo

On January 8th Olivia Rodrigo released her song “Drivers License”. On January 9th it was already at the top of US iTunes. TikTok fans snatched up this song as it went viral. Listening to the track you can hear why it went viral. It has all the ingredients. Tween appeal, heartbreak, honesty, and great vocals. Below I have two lessons from my YouTube channel. Both guitar and ukulele. Check ’em out!

Drivers License Guitar Lesson

Drivers License Ukulele Lesson

Here’s the guitar I used.

Here’s the ukulele I used

How to Play “Your New Boyfriend” by Wilbur Soot on Guitar

The first time I saw the video for this tune I knew I had to make a guitar lesson for it. I hadn’t heard about Wilbur Soot until early January 2021. Apparently this is his 6th single release, and wow this guy makes videos that go viral. The song is hilarious and he’s no slouch as a guitarist and songwriter. He knows how to give the people what they want.

Below is my guitar lesson for the song. At the time of writing this I have about 30k views and a solid 1.1k likes 🙂 and 4 dislikes :(. I’d say those are solid numbers, for a guitar lesson anyway, so you know you are getting a quality lesson here! Enjoy!

Here’s the guitar I used in this video

Do Musicians Lead a Lonely Lifestyle?

Yes and No

Why the Yes…

Because we are creative people. We spend hours upon hours honing our skills and craft. This means many of us stayed home on Friday night and played our guitar for hours instead of going out with friends. We spend countless hours learning necessities like recording, microphones, video production, web development and a bunch of other things many of us can’t afford to pay someone else to do. I can’t speak for all musicians but for me, in order to pursue all of these things, I needed to distance myself from people, sometimes for days in a row. You may see somebody for a short visit during your day for a meal or something, but that’s about it.

With all that being said, it may take a specific type of person to understand and be supportive of you. It’s hard to have a relationship with someone who wants traditional stability. You’re up all night writing a song or creating a video while they are sleeping. Then they get up to go to work and you are just going to bed. That can be challenging. But the question of loneliness does not just apply to intimate relationships, but that’s a part of it worth mentioning.

Another reason for me personally, I am introverted. Not all musicians are, but I would bet that a majority are. When I am around people for many hours eventually I need to get away and recharge. Sometimes going to a big party or get together will really drain me and I need almost a day or two with minimal contact to recharge. As an introvert you need to be careful and maintain a balance of social and personal time so that you don’t shift too far from one side to the other. If you don’t get enough time around friends and family you will feel lonely. Too much and you will get annoyed and overwhelmed.

These are only a couple of the reasons, but as you can see it may serve to create a lonely lifestyle at times with a feeling of very little reward, other than accomplishing personal or business goals.

Why the No…

Being a musician is a great way to meet people. Some of the coolest people I know I have met through music. The best relationships I’ve been in were somehow supported by or sparked by my musical prowess. I don’t say that to brag, it’s just a natural reality of being a musician. If you are getting good work and you are sharpening your talents, you are going to meet people. It’s just a fact. This still does not guarantee that you will not go through lonely phases in life, but who doesn’t go through that?

You will get approached by people you don’t know, and they will be very interested in chatting with you. It’s only natural to be intrigued by someone who is on a stage. I always have at least a few conversations with total strangers after a show. The bigger the show, the more conversations. I usually go home feeling socially charged and confident at the end of the night.

In Conclusion

As you can see, it goes both ways. It’s about finding balance. Strong friendships are always the best ones. People that will be there for you through the ups and downs are your true friends. Some people only want to be with you for the status. I had a girlfriend who was with me only while I was employed as a music director. As soon as I decided I did not want to subject myself to that job and atmosphere any more, I quit, and so did she. It all comes down to your definition of lonely. Some people thrive in a busy social lifestyle and they feel horribly alone when they don’t have anyone around. Some people enjoy solitude and self reflection and don’t feel any loneliness in that sort of a lifestyle. So are we musicians a lonely bunch? Yes and no.

Oh No I Hope I Don’t Fall! The Viral TikTok Song

I recently did 2 guitar lessons, 2 ukulele lessons, and a bass lesson for this viral TikTok song known as “Oh No I Hope I Don’t Fall”. The actual guitar riff is from a song called “Suga Suga” by Baby Bash and Frankie J. with a release date of 2003. It was also sampled by Robin Schulz in his song “Sugar” in 2015.

I am going to post all 5 lessons below in order of popularity. Please check out my YouTube Channel as well. At the time of writing this post I am nearing 20k subs, help me get there. These lessons have definitely given my channel some new attention in the last couple months. Enjoy!

Oh No I Hope I Don’t Fall – Electric Guitar Lesson (Most Popular)

Acoustic Version

Ukulele Chords Version

The Bass Version

Ukulele Fingerstyle Version

This is similar to my acoustic I used but a little nicer. I want one of these someday.

Here’s a Breedlove Ukulele like the one I use regularly

Is Morgan Wallen the new style of Country?

As a guitar instructor I get to listen to all the new tracks coming out. A lot of those tracks are Country. I’ve covered a lot of different Country lessons on my channel from Zac Brown, to George Strait, Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, and more. I’ve always liked Zac Brown Band but I’m partial because at one time I worked in the studio with one of the dudes in that band. But I do think they have a catchy style.

Morgan Wallen brings something special to his songs. Solid songwriting mixed with creativity, honesty, and more modern production. That sounds like a recipe for a successful songwriter and artist. When I first heard one of his tracks I thought that he had something new and different to offer, but I also thought he retained a lot of his organic-ness.

Anyway, below I am going to post two lessons I have on my channel (so far) for Morgan Wallen. Wasted on You and Sand in My Boots. Check the lessons out, strum along and let me know how it goes.

Here’s the guitar I used in these lessons!

The Best Ukulele around $50 in 2021

For the money, I think the best value ukulele you can find this year is the Donner DUS-200 Ukulele Bundle. It’s a well crafted ukulele with mahogany back and sides, so you’re going to get warmer tones and more mid-range out of it, which I believe is harder to find in a budget ukulele. The bundle is currently listed on Amazon for $56.99 USD and it comes with a gig bag, strings, picks, and a strap. Check out my video lesson below to hear this ukulele and see it for yourself.

Teach Me How To Love – Shawn Mendes – Ukulele Lesson

Donner DUS-200 Ukulele Bundle