Virtual Guitar Lessons

I am offering Virtual Guitar Lessons on Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. Please email for rates and scheduling.

Available Courses and Lessons

  • Songs – I teach a wide range of songs ranging from older Classic Rock and Blues hits all the way to current Top 40. You can pick virtually any song you would like to learn.
  • Basic to Advanced Music Theory – After spending a majority of my life playing in bands and working in recording studios I have learned many different styles and the Theory behind those styles. We can pick a Theory Topic and work on and discuss what makes a certain style and sound.
  • Chords – I have a couple courses available focused strictly on chords and strumming patterns. We can tailor a lesson to fit your current abilities and goals.
  • Riffs – Riffs, Clichés, and Phrasing are the backbone of any astute guitarist. We can setup a course designed to help you learn to make your guitar sing. Covering bends, scales, and root notes.
  • Scales and Practice – Learn how to apply the use of a metronome to enheance your current abilities as well as build new “chops” and develop new skills and rhythm.